Welcome to Best SUN 2 online Private server GUIDE

Welcome to Best SUN2 online Private server.

Game runing on Episode2 early version.


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Cash shop item upgrade.

21.07.2013 17:39
Hello dear players,   Today was updated cash shop and we added those items :   Assemblage of heroes ( Item for change guild name ) Guild Storage Expansion Material ( Item for increase guild storage slot, can be used after lvl 3 guild ) Guild Seal ( item for add Guild seal to...

Settings on Server

19.07.2013 16:35
Exp rate: 50x Drop rate: 50x   On the rest, We know guys u were learned on Webzen settings, but i must remind we arnt Webzen. So we dnt will have the same settings as Webzen had.   We trying make this server Best. We know here r bugs and we doing everything what we can to repair them. So...

Cash shop crash bug FIXED!!

18.07.2013 13:18
Hello Dear players!      Today we fix the cash shop crash bug! U can auto update by ur Launcher!    BestSun2 Team